How to care for your Horsehair Jewelry

Caring for your Horse Hair Jewelry 

You will want to wear your bracelets and rings and they will get dirty.  Its okay as horse hair is very strong and durable.   

For dirty bracelets and necklaces all you have to do is run under warm water and for very dirty a little bit of mild dish soap (Dawn is great for white hair) or shampoo in a bowl of warm water. Gently rub with your fingers or toothbrush. Rinse under water until clear.  Lay your bracelet to dry.

Avoid wearing and rings while swimming, doing dishes, showering and using chemicals as it may breakdown the adhesives. 

Avoid wearing bracelets on the same wrist as watches and other bracelets that could snag the horse hair.

If hairs do get broken on your bracelet, simply take a pair of nail clippers and cut the hair as close as possible. 


Ring Care 

If your ring gets dirty, wash with dish soap.  You can use a soft tooth brush to remove caked on mud, or anything that may stick into the fibers. I found this method after I made bread.  

Sterling Silver will tarnish.  DO NOT use silver polish as this will degrade the hair and adhesives.  Use a silver polishing cloth to bring back the shine and remove tarnish and/or a ultra sonic bath


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