Instructions for Collecting Horse Hair from the Tail

  • Grasp the longest hairs at the bottom of the tail.
  • Lift the longest hairs to one side and with other hand pull the shorter hairs away. Separate as many short hairs as possible so you are only cutting the longest hair.
  • Cut close to the tailbone.
  • Repeat this from different sections of the tail so you are not cutting too much from one area and just appears to be thinner.
  • The final bundle should be the diameter of your pinky finger or 2 pencil thickness. 
  • Length for a regular standard sized bracelet the length needs to be 12-15 + inches long.
  • Necklaces will need to be longer and depends on how long the hair is.
  • Tie with a rubber band. Please do not use tape as this can transfer glue to the hair.
  • The hair should be clean (shampoo or dishwashing liquid) and free of mud, feces, tangles or mats. Do not show sheen or condition the hair. 
  • Do not braid or knot the hair. 
  • Put the dry clean hair bundle in a zip-lock bag with a couple holes to prevent mold development. 
  • Label the bag with your name and phone number.

Ship or Deliver hair to:

Beth Cooper

51 Reddenhurst Cres

Keswick, Ont

L4P 4G2